A mutual assistance community


Youniti is a new site where you can give or sell items and services while helping organizations in your community.

The idea behind this new site is to support our values—which include solidarity, sharing, equality and wealth distribution—and give back to the community. That's why Youniti remits a portion of its earnings to charities.

On Youniti, you can find low-cost items quickly and easily. Or if you need something, just ask the community. As a new mutual assistance platform, Youniti encourages sharing. It also helps the planet by finding a second home for used goods.

Use Youniti to give, sell or find:
• New and used goods available for free or under $40 
• Professional services available for less than $40 per hour
• Businesses that sell goods or services available for free or under $40
• Deals, sales and liquidation events for goods and services available for $40 or less
• Events, meals or activities available for free or under $40 per person
• Garage sales 
• Requests for items
• Carpooling opportunities 
• Community organizations 
• Volunteering opportunities 

Thanks for being part of the Youniti community and making the world a better place!

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Find, give and sell items for under $40. Services too.

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The Youniti Foundation

The Youniti Foundation was created to support organizations in your community. Youniti gives a portion of its earnings to the Foundation so that it can redistribute funds directly to organizations like La Maison du père, Moisson Montréal, La rues des femmes, etc. This way, everyone benefits from Youniti.